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Websites are crucial in shaping and meeting a variety of demands in India's huge and ever-changing digital world. Every website adds to the diverse web ecology, ranging from government service portals to academic hubs and the preferred venues for health aficionados. In this investigation, we examine the importance of a variety of web-based resources, from state-of-the-art research facilities to wellness partners. In the middle of this digital diversity, websites continue to be vital for promoting health and wellbeing, fostering academic performance, and delivering key government services.

Do you want to create a web application or improve your online presence? If you're interested in web development using CodeIgniter, you may be wondering: "How can I hire codeigniter programmers in india?" or "Where can I find a skilled CodeIgniter developer in India?" India's booming IT sector offers a pool of talented individuals. This blog seeks to highlight India's thriving IT talent as well as to examine a variety of websites.

Top 10 CodeIgniter sites in India in year 2024

Data Table

Type Website Users Transactions Risk Level
1 3,000,000+ 1,000+ Very High
2 500+ Medium
3 10,000+ High
4 250+ Very High
5 50,000+ 10+ Medium
6 50,000+ High
7 20,000+ High
8 10,000+ High
9 20,000+ High
10 20,000+ Very High

Source: BuiltWith


India Today's COVID SOS: Handling the Pandemic Together

India Today's COVID SOS: Handling the Pandemic Together

India Today's COVID SOS website has been a reliable source of information during the pandemic because of its unwavering dedication to providing timely and accurate information. With more than 3 million users, the site offers a thorough summary of COVID-19 data, vaccination updates, and community and individual assistance. Given that its revenue exceeds $2000, it falls into the "Very High" risk category, which highlights its importance in light of the present global health crisis.


Tools for vCommissions: Encouraging Affiliate Marketing

Tools that cater to the ever-changing realm of online marketing.One exceptional resource for affiliate marketers is The platform runs at a "Medium" risk level because it has more than 500 users and a revenue stream that is greater than $500. In the cutthroat world of online marketing, it provides a range of tools and resources to improve overall performance, track commissions, and optimize marketing campaigns.

3. The Center for Energy Resources, IIT Kanpur: Promoting Research and Innovation

A focal point for innovative energy research and development is the Center for Energy Resources' official webpage at IIT Kanpur. With over 10,000 users, the portal offers a plethora of information about research articles, academic programs, and ongoing initiatives. It runs at a "High" risk level due to its significant income of $5000+, which is indicative of its critical role in promoting energy-related research and education.


INFLIBNET's Indian Digital Catalog: Nurturing Academic Exploration

INFLIBNET's Indian Digital Catalog serves a specialized group of academics and researchers with the goal of promoting academic research. It operates at a "Very High" risk level, highlighting its crucial function in promoting access to Indian academic literature, with a user base of more than 250 and revenue surpassing $100. The website is an invaluable tool for academics who want to delve deeper into and add to the body of knowledge in academia.


Sakshi Health: Your Friend for Wellbeing

Sakshi Health is a complete platform for health and wellness aficionados, with over 50,000 users. The website covers many facets of both physical and mental well-being and offers a wide variety of articles, advice, and resources. Its "Medium" risk level is indicated by its income exceeding $1000, which highlights the significance of the company in encouraging a healthy lifestyle and giving important health-related information to a large audience.


IIT Bombay's Department of Electrical Engineering: Illuminating Minds

Electrical Engineering Department, IIT Bombay: Illuminating Minds over 50,000 users, the Electrical Engineering department website at IIT Bombay caters to students, researchers, and enthusiasts in the area. Operating at a "High" risk level, its revenue surpasses $2000, demonstrating its importance in sharing knowledge, research findings, and academic possibilities in the constantly changing field of electrical engineering.


IIT Delhi's TRIPC: Pioneering Transportation Research

The goal of IIT Delhi's Transportation studies and Injury Prevention Centre (TRIPC) is to advance transportation and safety studies. Operating at a "High" risk category, the platform boasts a user base of over 20,000 and revenue exceeding $250,000. This underscores its critical role in tackling transportation difficulties and advancing safety via inventive research endeavors.


India's Government Services Portal: Digitizing Public Services

This website is crucial to the digitization of public services since it provides access to vital government services. Operating at a "High" risk level, its user base exceeds 10,000 and its revenue exceeds $1000. This underscores the significance of the platform in giving citizens easy and convenient online access to a range of government services.


IISc Bangalore's Student Academic Reporting System: Navigating Academic Progress

For both students and academic administrators, the Student Academic Reporting System (STARS) at IISc Bangalore is an essential tool. It functions at a "High" risk level due to its user base of over 20,000 and income of over $500, which highlights its importance in monitoring student progress, expediting academic procedures, and guaranteeing efficient academic administration.


IIT Kharagpur's Official Website: A Gateway to Academic Excellence

This platform, which is the official website of IIT Kharagpur, acts as a comprehensive information center for details about the academic and research activities of the university. It runs at a "Very High" risk level due to its significance in the academic scene and its role in spreading knowledge to students, teachers, and the larger academic community. It has 20,000+ users and generates $500+ in income.

In summary, each of these websites plays a distinct and important role in their respective fields, contributing to the rich tapestry of the Indian online landscape and influencing the nation's digital culture.


As our exploration of these varied websites comes to an end, we have learned about the distinctive contributions each one makes to India's digital culture. The internet serves a wide range of purposes, whether you're looking for government services, health and wellness advice, or academic materials. Additionally, India is a great place to get qualified professionals if you want to go into web development or improve your online presence.

Remember that India has a wide pool of skilled tech workers if your aim is to use CodeIgniter to its full potential for your web development projects. It's simple to find and hire codeigniter developers in india, as there is a large pool of skilled and creative engineers available. The exploration of India's digital ecosystem highlights the abundance of talent accessible to anyone looking to advance their web development pursuits, as well as the country's varied array of digital services.

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