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Welcome to BM Coder's LMS Development Hub!

Welcome to BM Coder, the best place to find cutting-edge software solutions. Being a premier software development company in India, we take great satisfaction in offering innovative solutions that are customized to satisfy the changing demands of enterprises. Discover the learning of the future with our proficiency in the creation of Learning Management Systems (LMS).

At BM Coder, we recognize how important a strong learning management system is to changing the face of education. Our motivated and hardworking development team provides you with a custom Learning Management System (LMS) that is made to meet your specific needs. We are your dependable partner in bringing education into the digital age, having a track record of success in software development.

With our LMS solutions, discover the potential of seamless content delivery, individualized learning experiences, and effective resource management. BM Coder redefines how businesses approach learning and development by fusing innovation, scalability, and user-centric design.

Select BM Coder as your software development partner for LMS solutions, and allow us to provide you with technology that grows along with your educational goals. Welcome to BM Coder, where learning opportunities are endless in the future.

Key Features and Benifits of Learning Management System(LMS)

Centralized Content Management, LMS Development Company

Centralized Content Management

Our Learning Management System's (LMS) centralized content management system is one of its best features. This makes it possible for institutions to effectively store and arrange educational resources. Updates become smoother and learners can access all modules with ease when there is only one source for course information.

User-Friendly Interface, LMS Development Company

User-Friendly Interface

With a straightforward and user-friendly interface, our LMS aims to improve the entire learning process. For both teachers and students, navigating through courses becomes a hassle-free experience that increases engagement and lowers the learning curve. Our dedication to accessible education is centered on a user-centric design.

Customizable Learning Paths, LMS Development Company

Customizable Learning Paths

Our LMS supports configurable learning paths in recognition of the variety of learning needs. This tool adjusts to various learning styles while creating courses for groups or individuals. As a result, each learner's specific needs are met in a more effective and individualized learning experience.

Assessments and Quizzes, LMS Development Company

Assessments and Quizzes

Our LMS effortlessly integrates tests and quizzes into the learning process to determine student comprehension. In addition to measuring comprehension, real-time feedback and progress tracking also point out areas that need to be improved, resulting in a more flexible and interesting learning environment.

Collaboration Tools, LMS Development Company

Collaboration Tools

Our LMS incorporates chat services, collaborative spaces, and discussion forums to promote a cooperative learning environment. Through information exchange, cooperative problem-solving, and a feeling of community inside the virtual learning environment, these tools foster engagement among students.

Mobile Compatibility, LMS Development Company

Mobile Compatibility

Because of the mobile compatibility built into our LMS, students can access information on any device, at any time, and from any location. In addition to improving accessibility, this flexible design allows for on-the-go learning, accommodating the varied lifestyles of today's learners.

Progress Tracking and Reporting, LMS Development Company

Progress Tracking and Reporting

Our LMS has a robust feature set that includes real-time progress monitoring and comprehensive statistics. Based on learner data, educators and administrators may see trends, make well-informed decisions, and monitor the success of training initiatives in order to make continuous improvements.

Integration Capabilities, LMS Development Company

Integration Capabilities

One of the main features of our LMS is its seamless connection with various tools and platforms. This improves workflow productivity overall and guarantees a coherent, networked learning environment. By integrating with current platforms, our LMS preserves data consistency and lessens administrative workloads.

Automated Notifications, LMS Development Company

Automated Notifications

Automated alerts make it simple to keep students interested and informed. Students are promptly informed about impending tasks, due dates, and modifications to the course. This feature promotes overall engagement, improves learner awareness, and guarantees successful communication.

Compliance and Security, LMS Development Company

Compliance and Security

Strong security protocols and adherence to regulations are given top priority by our LMS. This guarantees a safe learning environment, compliance with industry requirements, and data privacy. With the knowledge that learner data is treated with the highest care and security, organizations may adopt our LMS with confidence.

Cost-Effective Training, LMS Development Company

Cost-Effective Training

One of our LMS's natural advantages is its capacity to provide affordable training options. Organizations can obtain scalable and efficient training outcomes, which contribute to long-term cost efficiency, by doing away with the requirement for physical resources and lowering the training expenses associated with traditional approaches.

Continuous Learning Culture, LMS Development Company

Continuous Learning Culture

By providing opportunities for continuing professional development, our LMS fosters a culture of lifelong learning. By engaging in lifelong learning, students may maintain their skills current and relevant in the quickly changing world of today. A proactive approach to skill development and career growth is encouraged by this feature.

Why Choose BM Coder for LMS Development?

In the field of developing Learning Management Systems (LMS), choosing the appropriate partner is essential to guarantee a smooth and efficient learning environment. Of all the options available, BM Coder is a dependable and creative option for LMS building. BM Coder offers a distinct set of benefits with a track record of successful projects and a dedication to quality.

The choice of BM Coder for LMS development is based on a number of factors, including scalability, customisation, technology, experience, and dedication to client satisfaction. You may start your road toward a cutting-edge, customized, and future-ready learning management system by working with BM Coder as a development partner.

LMS Development Company

Types of Learning Management System(LMS)

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are transforming the way learning is managed and facilitated, making them essential tools in the fields of education and corporate training. LMSs come in a variety of forms, each intended to meet certain requirements and preferences.

Cloud-Based LMS, LMS Development Company

Cloud-Based LMS

Software as a Service (SaaS) LMS, another name for cloud-based LMS, runs on a web platform and does not require on-premise installations. This kind provides regular updates without requiring human intervention, scalability, and accessibility from any location with an internet connection. For businesses seeking simplicity of use and flexibility, this is the best option.

Open-Source LMS, LMS Development Company

Open-Source LMS

Users of open-source learning management systems have the liberty to alter and personalize the program's source code in accordance with their own requirements. This kind encourages cooperation and creativity among developers. Even though it has a lot of customization choices, implementation and maintenance could call for a greater level of technical experience.

Corporate LMS, LMS Development Company

Corporate LMS

Corporate LMS, specifically designed for corporations and organizations, is centered on the training and skill development of employees. Functionalities like performance analytics, compliance tracking, and connectivity with other HR systems are frequently included. Organizations may improve employee performance, assure industry standard compliance, and expedite training procedures with the use of corporate learning management systems.

Academic LMS, LMS Development Company

Academic LMS

Academic LMS is made specifically for educational institutions; it makes online examinations, collaborative learning, and course management easier. It gives teachers the resources they need to plan, prepare, and present lessons while also keeping track of their students' development. Institutions looking to augment traditional classroom instruction or introduce remote education programs need to have an academic learning management system (LMS).

Mobile LMS, LMS Development Company

Mobile LMS

Mobile LMS has become more and more popular as mobile devices become more commonplace. This kind gives students the freedom to access instructional content when they're on the road because it's optimized for cellphones and tablets. With anytime, anywhere access, mobile learning management systems (LMS) improve the entire learning experience and are appropriate for today's mobile-centric learners.

Social LMS, LMS Development Company

Social LMS

Users can cooperate, share knowledge, and have discussions inside the learning platform thanks to the integration of social learning components in social learning management systems (LMS). It makes use of social media elements to promote peer-to-peer learning and a feeling of community. Organizations that emphasize user knowledge sharing and collaborative learning will find social learning management systems (SLMS) to be suitable.

Gamified LMS, LMS Development Company

Gamified LMS

Gamified learning management systems (LMS) integrate game-like features, such challenges, leaderboards, and badges, into the educational process. By making learning more interactive and pleasurable, this kind seeks to increase user motivation and engagement. Gamified learning management systems (LMS) are very useful for corporate training situations and for promoting users' lifelong learning.

Blended Learning LMS, LMS Development Company

Blended Learning LMS

An LMS for blended learning blends online and conventional classroom training. This kind makes it possible to combine virtual and in-person learning experiences seamlessly. It is ideal for schools or organizations trying to find a balance between conventional and modern learning approaches since it combines the flexibility of self-paced online modules with in-person interactions.

Talent Management LMS, LMS Development Company

Talent Management LMS

Management of talent Beyond just training, LMS covers a range of HR duties like employee development, succession planning, and performance management. This kind focuses on developing and keeping talent inside a company by offering a full range of resources for professional development and advancement.

Compliance LMS, LMS Development Company

Compliance LMS

Compliance LMS is made especially to fulfill training requirements related to compliance and regulations. It guarantees that workers obtain the instruction required to follow industry rules and guidelines. This type is crucial for companies with tight regulatory rules since it frequently contains functions like organizing compliance papers, tracking certifications, and creating audit reports.

eCommerce LMS, LMS Development Company

eCommerce LMS

eCommerce LMS is designed specifically for businesses who want to charge for their instructional materials. It has attributes including content access controls, subscription models, and safe payment channels. For companies, entrepreneurs, or educational institutions looking to sell online courses, training materials, or certificates, this kind is perfect.

Adaptive Learning LMS, LMS Development Company

Adaptive Learning LMS

Using technology, adaptive learning LMS tailors the learning process to each learner's progress and performance. This kind uses algorithms to modify the course's content and difficulty to each learner's individual needs and learning speed. Adaptive learning LMS is very useful for increasing retention rates and accommodating different types of learning.

LMS Development Company

Various types of Developers needed for LMS Development

    Front-End Developers

    The Learning Management System's (LMS) user design and experience are greatly influenced by front-end developers. Among their duties is the creation of aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interfaces through the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They make sure that user interactions are smooth and interesting, which makes navigating the LMS easy.

    Back-End Developers

    Back-end developers work on the LMS's server side, putting into practice the logic that controls data retrieval, storage, and general system operation. Their work involves utilizing technologies such as Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails, or Java to facilitate efficient communication between the database and the front end. Their knowledge is essential to the functionality and performance of the system.

    Full-Stack Developers

    Due to their ability to combine front-end and back-end expertise, full-stack engineers are essential. They are in charge of combining several LMS components to create a seamless and effective solution. Completely grasping both ends, full-stack developers add to the LMS's overall effectiveness and smooth functioning.

    Database Developers/Administrators

    While administrators make sure the LMS database is operating properly, database developers create the schema and structure of the database. It is essential to have SQL skills and knowledge of database management systems, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. Their efforts contribute to the LMS's dependability by ensuring data confidentiality, integrity, and effective retrieval.

    Mobile App Developers

    Mobile app developers construct native or cross-platform applications when the LMS has a mobile component. By utilizing technologies such as Kotlin/Java (for Android), React Native, Flutter, or Swift (for iOS), they improve the accessibility of the platform by allowing users to access the LMS on their smartphones or tablets with ease.

    DevOps Engineers

    Development and operations may work together more easily thanks to DevOps engineers. They oversee infrastructure, automate procedures, and guarantee continuous integration and deployment. Updates and improvements are delivered more quickly thanks to DevOps principles, which also help to create a development environment that is more dependable, scalable, and efficient.

LMS Development Company
LMS Development Company

    Security Experts

    The protection of the LMS against potential vulnerabilities is mostly the responsibility of security specialists. Their duties encompass detecting and addressing security threats, guaranteeing that the system conforms to industry norms, and safeguarding user information and confidentiality. Experts in security contribute to the LMS's overall credibility.

    UI/UX Designers

    Front-end developers and UI/UX designers work together to produce an interface that is both aesthetically beautiful and easy to use. They create layouts, images, and interactive components that improve the user experience overall and add to the LMS's aesthetic appeal and usability using programs like Adobe XD or Sketch.


    Experts in quality assurance (QA) are essential to guaranteeing the efficiency and dependability of the LMS. They find and report defects, put the system through a thorough testing process, and confirm that it satisfies requirements. Processes for quality assurance and testing help to make the LMS better overall and increase user happiness.

Top 10 trending Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Software Description
TalentLMS User-friendly and affordable platform with eLearning authoring, learner engagement, and reporting/analytics functionalities.
Docebo Powerful and scalable LMS for enterprises, offering content management, learning paths, and social learning features.
Fuse Cloud-based LMS with modern interface, offering microlearning delivery, gamification, and mobile-first design.
Cornerstone Learning Comprehensive LMS for large organizations, providing blended learning, performance management, and talent management functionalities.
360Learning Social learning platform focused on collaboration, offering video-based learning, social features, and peer-to-peer learning.
Absorb LMS Versatile LMS solution catering to various training needs, offering course authoring, blended learning, and mobile learning functionalities.
The Brainier LMS Cloud-based LMS focused on microlearning and personalized experiences, offering bite-sized modules, adaptive learning paths, and gamification.
iSpring Learn Cost-effective LMS offering eLearning authoring tools, course management, and learner engagement features.
Moodle Free and open-source LMS widely used in education, offering customizable learning activities, forums, and assignments.
Google Classroom Free LMS by Google, designed for educational institutions, offering functionalities for online courses, assignments, and collaboration tools.

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LMS Development Company

Need for LMS Development

    Accessibility and Flexibility : The increasing need for adaptable and accessible learning solutions is met by LMS development. An LMS gives students the freedom to access instructional materials at any time, from any location, whether they are participating in corporate training initiatives or educational institutions. In a world where flexible and remote learning alternatives are becoming common, this adaptability is essential.

    Centralized Learning Hub : The creation of an LMS centralizes resources, courses, and learning materials. It makes it easier for educators and students to access and manage educational resources by streamlining the distribution and management of content. This centralized method guarantees consistency in the delivery of knowledge while streamlining the learning process.

    Personalized Learning Experience : Personalized learning experiences are made possible by LMS development. The system offers a customized learning experience by adjusting to each learner's preferences, speed, and performance. This personalization improves student engagement and retention of the material, leading to a more successful learning experience.

    Efficient Training and Development : Effective training and development programs are made possible in the business sector by LMS development. Employers may guarantee that staff members receive the required training by using LMS systems to administer and monitor employee training. Consequently, there is an increase in worker productivity and performance.

    Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness : Scalability made possible by LMS development enables institutions and organizations to meet the demands of changing content requirements and an increasing user base. Furthermore, an LMS may be set up and used at a lower cost than traditional training techniques, making it an affordable option for large-scale training and education.

    Real-time Progress Tracking : Real-time tracking of learners' performance and progress is possible with LMS platforms. Administrators and instructors have the ability to evaluate learning outcomes, keep an eye on group or individual development, and spot problem areas. This feature makes data-driven decision-making easier and increases responsibility.

LMS Development Company
LMS Development Company

    Compliance and Certification Management : Compliance with training standards and certifications is ensured by LMS development in companies with stringent regulatory requirements. Organizations can more easily comply with industry rules and certifications while keeping thorough records for audits thanks to the platform's ability to track and manage compliance training.

    Collaborative Learning Opportunities : Collaborative learning environments are fostered through LMS development. Features that promote communication and cooperation among students include interactive components, discussion boards, and group projects. This not only improves the educational process but also encourages collaboration and knowledge exchange.

    Continuous Learning Culture : The development of a culture of continuous learning is facilitated by an LMS. It pushes students to pursue lifelong learning, career advancement, and skill improvement. One way to create a dynamic and ever-evolving learning environment is by making materials easily accessible and by continuously updating content.

BM Coder's LMS Development Services

Our LMS development services are made with the goal of providing patients with the most advanced technology, efficient workflows, and unwavering dedication to quality service. Key services for LMS development include the following :

Tailored LMS Solutions, LMS Development Company

Tailored LMS Solutions

We are aware that each client has particular needs. Our LMS creation services are customized to fit the unique requirements of businesses, organizations, and educational institutions. Whether you need a business training solution or an LMS with an academic focus, we design and construct systems that work in perfect harmony with your goals.

Expert Development Team, LMS Development Company

Expert Development Team

Our group of seasoned developers has a plethora of LMS development knowledge. We guarantee the development of reliable, scalable, and feature-rich LMS systems thanks to our in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technology and industry best practices. Our experts are skilled in making use of languages and frameworks that ensure peak performance.

User-Friendly Interface Design, LMS Development Company

User-Friendly Interface Design

Prioritizing the user experience is key to our design philosophy. Our front-end developers and UI/UX designers work closely together to provide user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interfaces. We place a high value on usability, making sure that administrators and students can engage with the LMS with ease.

Scalability and Flexibility, LMS Development Company

Scalability and Flexibility

We understand the value of scalability in the dynamic world of digital. Our LMS solutions are made to scale easily, meeting the demands of changing content requirements as well as expanding user bases. This scalability guarantees your LMS's continued relevance and efficacy throughout time.

Mobile-Optimized Platforms, LMS Development Company

Mobile-Optimized Platforms

We make sure that our LMS platforms are mobile device friendly in this day and age of increasing mobile learning. Our mobile app developers provide cross-platform or native applications that give students the freedom to access instructional materials on tablets and smartphones.

Advanced Features and Functionality, LMS Development Company

Advanced Features and Functionality

We include cutting-edge elements into our LMS development services to improve the entire learning environment. We incorporate functions that encourage interaction, engagement, and retention of information, ranging from gamification aspects to collaboration tools.

Robust Security Measures, LMS Development Company

Robust Security Measures

At BM Coder, security comes first. We put strong security measures in place to protect user data and your LMS. Our security specialists carry out comprehensive evaluations, guaranteeing adherence to industry norms and offering a safe learning environment for every user.

Continuous Support and Maintenance, LMS Development Company

Continuous Support and Maintenance

We are dedicated to making sure our clients are satisfied even after the development stage. We offer continuous maintenance and assistance to make sure your LMS runs properly. Our team is committed to the long-term viability of your e-learning platform, from updates and enhancements to troubleshooting solutions.

Analytics and Reporting Capabilities, LMS Development Company

Analytics and Reporting Capabilities

At BM Coder, we understand the value of data-driven insights in enhancing the educational process. Robust analytics and reporting elements are part of our LMS development services. With easy-to-use dashboards, administrators may obtain insightful information about the performance, engagement, and advancement of their learners.

LMS Development Company

Modules in LMS Development

Administrator Module

The foundation of an LMS is the Administrator Module, which gives system administrators the ability to effectively administer the platform. This module gives administrators all the tools they need to manage a tidy and efficient learning environment, from managing user accounts and system configurations to organizing material and general system settings.

Instructor Module

The Instructor Module is essential for teachers and instructors. The development and administration of course materials and evaluations are the main topics of this module. With ease, instructors can create courses, add materials, and oversee homework, giving their students a dynamic and interesting learning environment.

Learner Module

The Learner Module, created with the end users—the learners—in mind, is at the center of the LMS experience. This module gives students access to the course materials, permits them to turn in assignments, and offers tools for monitoring their progress. A user-friendly interface helps learners by improving their overall engagement and educational experience.

Content Management Module

The Content Management Module is where content managers locate their domain. They have strong tools for content creation, editing, and version control thanks to this module. It makes multimedia resources easy to arrange and maintain, which guarantees a productive workflow for those in charge of creating and updating educational materials.

LMS Development Company
LMS Development Company

Analytics and Reporting Module

With real-time insights into learner performance and system usage, the Analytics and Reporting Module serves administrators and data analysts. This module provides customisable analytics dashboards and reporting tools to enable stakeholders to make well-informed decisions, improve the quality of material, and maximize the overall impact of educational initiatives.

Gamification Module

The Gamification Module adds features like leaderboards, achievements, and badges to increase user engagement. This module is used by gamification experts to create a more engaging and rewarding learning environment that encourages participation and inspires students to achieve their academic goals.

Integration Module

The Integration Module is essential to the construction of an LMS since it guarantees smooth connectivity with external tools and systems. Integration experts utilize application programming interfaces (APIs) and single sign-on features to establish a unified learning environment that facilitates smooth data transfer and interoperability with other academic or corporate systems.

Mobile App Module

The Mobile App Module is devoted to the creation and upkeep of mobile applications in response to the growing need for mobile learning. These apps, which can be native or cross-platform, give students push notifications and offline access to resources, expanding the LMS's usability beyond conventional desktop settings.

LMS Development Company
LMS Development Company

Security and Compliance Module

The Security and Compliance Module emphasizes how crucial it is to protect customer data and follow industry guidelines. Strong authentication and encryption procedures are put in place by security specialists to guarantee the safe management of user data. Tools for reporting and tracking compliance also add to the LMS's overall credibility.

Accessibility Module

Ensuring inclusivity and usability for all users, including those with disabilities, is the main goal of the accessibility module. By incorporating features like keyboard navigation, screen reader compatibility, and other characteristics that make the LMS accessible to a wide range of learners, this module complies with accessibility criteria. This program helps to create an equal learning environment for all by emphasizing inclusion.

Social Learning Module

By adding social components to the LMS, the Social Learning Module promotes cooperative learning opportunities. Within the site, users can cooperate on projects, have discussions, and exchange insights. This subject is crucial for encouraging information sharing, building a sense of community among students, and improving the collaborative learning environment as a whole.

Continuous Improvement Module

Administrators and teachers are empowered to make data-driven decisions for ongoing improvements with the help of the Continuous Improvement Module. It has functions for gathering user input, examining usage trends, and bringing iterative LMS updates to life. This module makes sure the platform never stops becoming dynamic, user-responsive, and in line with changing trends in education.

LMS Development Company

FAQs related to LMS Development

Here are some potential FAQs related to LMS Development:

LMS Development Company

1. What is LMS development, and why is it important ?

The process of developing an LMS include developing a Learning Management System, a computer program intended to organize and oversee training courses and programs. In order to promote a seamless learning experience, it is crucial to provide a centralized platform for efficiently producing, organizing, and delivering educational information.

2. What are the key features to consider during LMS development ?

User authentication, content administration, progress tracking, evaluation tools, mobile optimization, and third-party system connections are some of the key features. Additional important factors to take into account include scalability, security, and user-friendliness.

3. How long does it take to develop an LMS ?

An LMS's development timetable varies according on features, complexity, and customization needs. Usually, it takes a few weeks to a few months to create a solid and efficient LMS.

4. What technologies are commonly used in LMS development ?

Programming languages like PHP, Python, or JavaScript as well as frameworks like Laravel, Django, or React are examples of common technology. Cloud services like AWS or Azure may be used for hosting, while database management systems like MySQL or PostgreSQL are frequently used.

LMS Development Company
LMS Development Company

5. How can an LMS be customized to meet specific organizational needs ?

Customizing an LMS entails adjusting the platform to meet the particular needs of a company. This can involve integrating particular features, personalizing user interfaces, and coordinating the LMS with already-in-place organizational routines.

6. What security measures are implemented in LMS development ?

User authentication, data encryption, secure connections (HTTPS), frequent security audits, and adherence to data protection laws are examples of security methods. To guarantee data integrity and user privacy, access controls and user permissions are also put into place.

7. How can gamification be integrated into an LMS ?

In order to increase user engagement and motivation, gamification in LMS development entails introducing game-like elements like badges, leaderboards, and awards. The LMS contains several thoughtfully positioned tools to enhance the interactive and pleasurable nature of learning.

8. Is mobile optimization necessary for LMS development ?

Yes, it is essential to optimize for mobile. Consumers are using mobile devices more and more to access educational content, and an LMS that is designed for mobile devices makes learning easy on tablets and smartphones. For mobile compatibility, responsive web design or native apps can be used.

LMS Development Company
LMS Development Company

9. Can an existing LMS be upgraded or migrated to a new system ?

It is possible to move or update current LMS systems to newer versions or different platforms. Careful preparation, data migration techniques, and testing are necessary for this procedure to guarantee a seamless transfer without losing important data.

10. How does ongoing support and maintenance work for an LMS ?

Resolving user inquiries, resolving issues, and making sure the system stays current with emerging technology are all part of ongoing support. Software updates, security patches, and system performance monitoring are all part of routine maintenance that keeps systems operating at their best.

When it comes to software development services in India, BM Coder is unmatched, especially when it comes to the specialty of developing Learning Management Systems (LMS). Our dedication to cutting-edge technology, user-centric design, and creativity guarantees that our clients receive custom solutions made to meet their particular educational needs.

By selecting BM Coder for your LMS development needs, you're investing in a collaboration committed to creating learning environments that promote achievement and progress rather than merely purchasing software. You can rely on us to convert your idea into a feature-rich, smoothly operating learning management system (LMS) that empowers teachers and students alike. With BM Coder, where software development services and unmatched knowledge collide, you can elevate your educational journey.

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What an Awesome service received from bmcoder, great turn around time coupled with creativity. We trust BM coder for all our development requirements.

Nkhensani Smomoza Dombo

Managing Member, Matena Trading


BMCoder is a great company to wrok with. I am working with Brijesh before he started BMCoder and still am with them for all my IT outsourcing and digitial marketing activities.

Marcos Paulino, CEO - Avanza Business Solutions Inc

Ontario, Canada


Brijesh is highly skilled in web and mobile technologies with good experience in project planning and project management. I highly recommend him for complex web or mobile solutions.

Sandeep Singh CEO - Appsrow Solutions

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