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Transcend the Mobile-First Strategy

Prepare for the technological revolution in the industry by adopting a fully mobile workforce and BYOD to stay extremely productive. Leap headlong into the mobile cyclone to deliver better value with BM Coder. We provide our customers with incredibly comprehensive mobile IT ecosystems. From Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, we offer on-premise and cloud-based solutions to enterprises of all sizes. With our full suite of Enterprise Mobility Management Services and configuration tools, you can mobilize your workforce and gain a competitive edge while adhering to security regulations and upholding technology lifecycles. Managing content and apps on enterprise devices allows you to keep up with the swift changes in the market.

Enterprise Mobility Management

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Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management: What Is It?

Mobility Planning and Guidance

By fusing industry best practices with our in-depth knowledge of building feature-rich mobile applications, BM Coder provides outstanding business and technological solutions. We never stop working to make your mobile transition experience better.

Personalized Mobile App for Businesses

Use our comprehensive and highly tailored end-to-end mobility and BYOD solutions by partnering with us. Our solutions are powered by cutting-edge technology that provides real-time reporting, alarms, user self-service, and remote resource access.

Design and Migration of Applications

Take advantage of feature-rich, safe custom design and development services for applications that entice users. Transfer the current apps to new platforms in a smooth manner. Boost flexibility by integrating third-party apps seamlessly.

Cloud and Mobile Enablement

Break free from the constraints of physical spaces and conventional technology to have a refreshed strategy for expanding enterprise architecture. Embrace an agile, secure cloud and mobile strategy to increase worker productivity and streamline workflows.

Parts of Our Complete Suite of EMM Solutions Available On-Demand

Your EMM solutions need embedded security since vital data is processed by a variety of mobile endpoints, operation systems, risk profiles, and ownership models. Handle a complex mobility environment while maintaining user satisfaction.

Management of Mobile Devices

With reliable device management solutions, you can secure corporate data, maximize functionality, and configure devices according to organizational criteria. Utilize a single solution to manage iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices.

Management of Mobile Applications

Easily configure, update, and uninstall internal apps, and manage permissions for access. Using MDM consoles, manage apps on enrolled devices to guarantee the integrity of the company mobility infrastructure.

Management of Mobile Content

Permit your staff to use their mobile devices to safely access corporate content. Give them access to file sharing, authentication, and copy/paste limitations so they can store and view data.

Mobile Identity Provisioning

Verify the identity of users and control their behavior on networks and devices that the business has authorized. Utilize single sign-on capabilities to boost productivity, secure data, and improve user experience.

Suite of Communications

Utilize a secure communication suite to bring your employees together. Encourage efficient team communication to ensure successful project management and teamwork.

Remote Debugging

Use Remote Cast for troubleshooting complicated device issues, and use ITSM technologies to reduce ticketing difficulties. Our teams are accessible around-the-clock to address issues with app performance via reliable channels.

Enterprise Mobility Management
Enterprise Mobility Management

Why Is an Enterprise Mobile Application Necessary for Your Organization?

You must be aware by now of the operational improvements that an enterprise mobile solution can provide to your business. Let's look at and understand the advantages of developing mobile applications for businesses.

Control of Transactions

You will need a mobile app to monitor, control, and log transactions if your company wants an e-commerce payment system. The program might gather transactional data, offer insightful analysis, and send out reminders regarding upcoming payment deadlines. Additionally, the software may integrate several payment ways that you can control from your dashboard while keeping an eye on your objectives.

Automation of Processes

Investing in mobile apps to automate and enhance corporate operations is necessary when they need to be coordinated. Mobile apps are made to handle workflows and carry out a variety of management tasks that can improve the efficiency of your company.

Employee Observation

A custom software development company India can be your strategic partner in improving efficiency and communication inside your company in the fast-paced business environment of today. Using an enterprise app created by subject matter experts, your team can collaborate on a single, always-available platform. The days of cooperation being limited to office walls are long gone. You can easily send out announcements, exchange important information, get real-time updates and comments, monitor employee progress, and move files across the firm using this custom program. By utilizing such cutting-edge technology, you may improve productivity and build a culture of increased teamwork and collaboration among your employees in addition to streamlining operations.

Information Administration

Along with managing company data, the software can improve information security and expedite process. To secure data, it may use a variety of strategies like tokenization and encryption.

Onboarding of Employees

Bringing on a new employee into your business is never easy. Forms to be filled out and manual check-ups throughout the onboarding process mean a significant loss of time and resources. In that scenario, a corporate mobile solution may easily manage all the relevant data.

Client Interaction

Do you wish to maintain a relationship with your customers? By offering users access to unique information and granting your customers access to a company directory, a mobile app can assist you in making that happen.

Client Correspondence

Mobile corporate apps are another tool you can utilize to improve customer interactions. It will enable you to notify your clientele via push notification when a specific service is ready to be rendered.

These are a few advantages of developing mobile applications for businesses. Are you curious about the prerequisites needed to develop particular enterprise web applications?

A popular cross-platform, open-source framework is ASP.NET Core, which offers the web API, MVC structure, and other services required to build customized enterprise web apps. Check visit our blog to gain more knowledge on developing enterprise web applications using ASP.NET Core!

Our Differentiators in Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

Our goal is to meet the ever-changing requirements of businesses and the variety of applications.

Distribution and Administration of Apps

Use our incredibly powerful and effective dashboard to distribute apps from the Windows Business Store, App Store, and Google Play Store. Install apps on devices without requesting permission from the device owner. Distribute internal apps as APK, IPA, PList Links, MSI, UWP, or PKG files.

Management of Calls and Communications

Establish connections between several devices and make use of VoIP calling and encrypted messaging. Utilize seamless call conference support and make sure contact management permits both incoming and outgoing calls with a single contact list that has been authorized by IT teams.

Adherence to and Implementation of Policies

With simple device setup services, you can set up device passcode policies for different operating systems and ownership types, schedule policy application on managed devices, and perform recurring actions on devices without the need for coding or scripting. This gives you total control over your enterprise apps.

Security of Corporate Data

Establish stringent guidelines and a secure system to encrypt company information and stop leaks. Confirm SafetyNet, guard against factory settings, set up Wi-Fi, manage screen grabs, prevent profile removals, lock devices into single or multiple MDM Kiosk modes, and keep track of admin activity logs.

Strong Device Diagnostics

Allow for remote device troubleshooting to efficiently minimize device downtime for both on-site and distant staff. Admin-approved and managed devices can be controlled via dashboard mirror device screens. Using ITSM tools, enable file syncs and create support tickets.

Enterprise Mobility Management
Enterprise Mobility Management

Grab Mobility Using Our Top Choice

It might be simple to plan a corporate mobile application development strategy; all you need to do is follow the correct procedures to create a successful app!

Acquire a Competitive Edge

Streamline internal procedures, improve management, modernize corporate operations, and increase productivity to stay one step ahead of the competition. Include platform-wide mobility enablement that is ROI-focused.

Instantaneous Response

Unlocking real-time interface interactivity is critical for software development services in India. Regardless of where they are physically located, your workers can cooperate and communicate with ease because to this functionality. Utilizing these cutting-edge solutions will increase internal resources for real-time performance metrics monitoring and evaluation.

Worldwide Clientele

We address your concerns from a global perspective and use incredibly customer-centric development techniques to accommodate them across time zones and business niches.

Elevated Level of Client Contentment

Gain a devoted and steady clientele by promptly attending to complaints. If you want to boost productivity and customer engagement, enterprise.

DevOps for Solutions in Enterprise Mobility Management

DevOps is used by BM Coder to provide exceptional client experiences, and toolchains are used for effective control, visibility, and cooperation throughout the development cycle. We assist you in creating interfaces that enhance the real-time responsiveness to changes in the performance and health of operating systems, firmware, apps, and configurations.

Developer Tools

With custom OS and developer tools, create, implement, and troubleshoot. Custom apps and cloud space integrations are made easier with our APIs, SDKs, CLI, and IDE plugins.

Pipelines for DevOps

Create international pipelines to boost team output and effectiveness. Automate deployment rollouts based on pipeline phases, device groups, and success criteria.

Device Telemetry

Use telemetry data to debug systems, operating systems, and apps more effectively. This covers network performance, data utilization, device storage, and other aspects of app and system health.

Enterprise Mobility Management

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What an Awesome service received from bmcoder, great turn around time coupled with creativity. We trust BM coder for all our development requirements.

Nkhensani Smomoza Dombo

Managing Member, Matena Trading


BMCoder is a great company to wrok with. I am working with Brijesh before he started BMCoder and still am with them for all my IT outsourcing and digitial marketing activities.

Marcos Paulino, CEO - Avanza Business Solutions Inc

Ontario, Canada


Brijesh is highly skilled in web and mobile technologies with good experience in project planning and project management. I highly recommend him for complex web or mobile solutions.

Sandeep Singh CEO - Appsrow Solutions

Ahmedabad, India


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) refers to the set of processes and technologies used to manage mobile devices, networks, and applications within an organization. It encompasses mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), and mobile information management (MIM), providing a comprehensive solution for securing and controlling mobile devices and data.

2. Why is EMM important for businesses?

EMM is crucial for businesses as it allows them to securely manage a diverse array of mobile devices used by employees. With the rise of remote work and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, EMM ensures that sensitive company data remains protected. It also helps in optimizing workforce productivity by enabling employees to access necessary resources and applications on the go.

3. What are the key benefits of implementing EMM?

  • Enhanced Security: EMM enables businesses to enforce security policies, such as encryption, remote wipe, and authentication, to protect sensitive data on mobile devices.

  • Increased Productivity: By providing employees with secure access to business applications and data from anywhere, EMM enhances workforce productivity and collaboration.

  • Cost Efficiency: EMM can lead to cost savings by streamlining device management processes, reducing support costs, and minimizing risks associated with data breaches.

4. How does EMM ensure compliance with regulations?

EMM solutions often come with features that help organizations comply with industry regulations and data protection laws. These include encryption, secure containers for corporate data, audit logs, and the ability to remotely wipe devices if they are lost or stolen. By implementing EMM, businesses can demonstrate a commitment to data privacy and regulatory compliance.

5. Is EMM suitable for small businesses?

Yes, EMM can be beneficial for small businesses as well. While the scale may differ, the need to secure mobile devices and data remains crucial. EMM solutions can be tailored to the specific needs and size of the organization, offering affordable options for small businesses to manage and secure their mobile ecosystem effectively.

Enterprise Mobility Management

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