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Application Modernization

You can get all the information and insights you need on application modernization right here. Rebuild your outdated applications using highly scalable application solutions for your expansive infrastructures, and modernize, migrate, and transform your legacy systems. Gain access to the top 1% of specialists offering application modernization services to expand your expertise and gain all the information you require on legacy modernization. The finest details of Legacy application modernization, from the initial stages of application evaluation and strategy to the roadmap and verification stage, have been meticulously selected by BM Coder, the best software development company in India, where elite professionals cover your application modernization approach from start to finish.We would like you to follow us on social media as we post new content every week! Less than 8 to 11 minutes of reading time are required for each topic due to the material's lean, compact presentation. So feel free to hit the subscribe button to get news and updates on anything that's happening in the field of application modernization.

Application Modernization

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Application Modernization Services

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Application Modernization

Our Area of Specialization as an Application Modernization Firm

As a top provider of application modernization services, we recognize the importance of your application and believe that it is time to give it new life through coding. With the help of our app modernization services, you may maximize your IT investment and solve the bottlenecks in your out-of-date products. Better overall app experience, increased speed and performance, and increased security are the final benefits.

Evaluation of Legacy Apps

To identify the legacy application's advantages, disadvantages, and potential areas for improvement, we perform a comprehensive analysis of its architecture, codebase, dependencies, and general technical health.

Reengineering Applications

We remodel the app source methodically, implementing contemporary architectural and technical frameworks to match the app with current and future business requirements.

Cloud App Migration

Our knowledge extends beyond the complete modernization of cloud apps. Following a cloud transfer, our services for modernizing old applications support the development of scalable business values.

Modernization of Mainframes

To convert monolithic mainframe apps to modular, agile solutions, strategically combine technologies, development approaches, and infrastructure optimization techniques.

Replatforming Applications

Move your present application to a new environment, tech stack, or infrastructure to fix compatibility concerns and bring it up to date with modern standards.

Restructuring and Rearchitecting Apps

We can assist you in refactoring and rearchitecting your product to better match it with your present business needs, regardless of whether you need to change the architecture or rebuild the current code.

Rehosting an Application

Rehosting is the ideal way to increase the efficiency of your infrastructure if you want to take advantage of the advantages of a different hosting environment without having to make major code modifications.

Containerization of Applications

Divide your monolithic application into a number of easily scalable, manageable, and independent components. This enhances the overall performance of the app and speeds up deployments.

Technology Proficiency Our B2B SaaS Experts Possess

Our SaaS development and consulting company can help you get the most out of your investment. We can help you manage your core operations more effectively with our SaaS consulting services. We stay up to date with the market's most demanding innovations and technology. Here are some instances of well-known tech stacks:

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Quick adjustment to shifting demands and needs in business

Application Modernization Services

Increased scalability without sacrificing standards of quality

Application Modernization Services

Decreased security threats and improved technological resources

Application Modernization Services

Streamlined procedures for improved performance

BM Coder's Advantage in Legacy Application Modernization Services Collaborate

With a cloud application modernization team that can assist you in achieving more success in the short and long term for your company, employees, and end users.

Forward-thinking Perspective

We modernize your apps with a strong emphasis on having a noticeable effect and making sure that the process isn't simply a project but also a significant turning point for long-term and significant business transformation.

Creative Mentality

Our staff approaches every project with an inventive perspective, keeping a close watch on the most recent developments. Anticipate innovative ideas that push the limits of modernization and produce outcomes that, in the tech-heavy world of today, stand out.

Agile Methodology

We don't use inflexible procedures. As a leader in Agile and DevOps approaches, BM Coder enables us to guarantee that your project stays on course while adapting to your demands and producing outcomes that keep up with the speed of your company.

Protection of Data and Security

We prioritize the confidentiality and integrity of your project by adhering to internationally recognized standards in information security and quality management as an ISO 27001:2022 and ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.

Application Modernization

Stages of adoption: cloud and modern Infrastructure

Developed and honed over hundreds of deployments, our flexible, workload-centric approach supports enterprises in implementing successful cloud and contemporary data center strategies.We can help your company succeed wherever it is in its road towards cloud or modern data centers. From assessment and accelerator services to support early adoption to professional and managed services for full implementation and operational support for your transformation, we are here to help.

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Start working on your first assignment.

Using an agile methodology, design and implement your first production workload on the public or hybrid cloud. This will help you create the cross-functional tools and procedures needed to support your widespread adoption.

Application Modernization Services

Make an ideal workload placement plan

Build an application-centric cloud roadmap with an application rationalization strategy and data architecture based on business needs, and choose the best location for all of your workloads.

Application Modernization Services

Bring your architecture up to date.

Selecting and integrating cloud infrastructure, upgrading and expanding security, and modernizing the conventional data center and software-defined networking are all important.

Application Modernization Services

Automate and oversee

Continue modernizing your apps through agile sprint-based projects by implementing DevOps and CI/CD principles together with formal governance and cost control.

Application Modernization

Related Services

Application Integration Services

Whether they are on-premises or in the cloud, connect dispersed apps and systems to provide smooth data interchange, continuous workflow, and seamless communication.

Tuning Application Performance

Through the methodical evaluation, identification, and removal of performance bottlenecks, applications can be made faster, more responsive, more user-friendly, and more efficient overall.

Services for Application Management

Make sure your apps are running as efficiently, quickly, and securely as possible at every stage of their lifecycle—from deployment and monitoring to continuous support and enhancements.

Organizations need agility, flexibility and integration to succeed

The Cost of Technical Debt

Even while retiring legacy systems would be expensive, maintaining them would cost a lot of money and resources, and they would not be able to adapt rapidly to changing business needs. Organizations are unable to change their operations and accomplish their objectives because of this technical debt.

Getting Rid of Legacy Obstacles

The majority of legacy apps were created with a specific purpose or environment in mind. They are frequently not entirely compatible with contemporary systems or APIs due to their rigidity. To modernize their historical applications and bring them into the present day, organizations must determine what obstacles exist and remove them.

Continuous Advancement and Enhancement

Businesses must continuously modify and enhance their digital experiences to meet shifting consumer expectations and market demands. When companies use a waterfall development methodology that follows a linear process with successive stages, the process gets too complicated and drawn out to be swiftly adjusted. This is where agile methodologies, embraced by leading software development agency in india, come into play.

Application Modernization
Application Modernization


1. Study up on Modernizing Applications

Utilize IBM Garage approach to study modernization patterns such as rehosting, refactoring, replatforming, rearchitecting, or app replacement.

2. Utilize IBM Consulting Cloud Accelerator

Generative AI Basics Toolset

Our generative AI basics toolset allows for quick re-engineering across various models.

AI-Powered Platform

The platform utilizes generative AI capabilities to modernize, migrate, and construct applications.

3. Services for Cloud Migration and Cloud Accelerators

Optimal Migration Plan

Increase the efficiency, security, scalability, and speed of your cloud adoption.

Our specialists will assist you in creating the optimal migration plan and roadmap for a safe, dependable, and scalable cloud migration path.

4. Services for Migrating Mainframe Applications

Create new cloud-native mainframe apps and integrate them with your current mainframe data and apps.

Update your current mainframe apps and data and extend them to the cloud.

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We Value Our Client's Feedback And Not Only Listen By Imprement The Suggests Given By Them! Here By We Present You Testimonials From a Few Our Our Prestigious Clients.


What an Awesome service received from bmcoder, great turn around time coupled with creativity. We trust BM coder for all our development requirements.

Nkhensani Smomoza Dombo

Managing Member, Matena Trading


BMCoder is a great company to wrok with. I am working with Brijesh before he started BMCoder and still am with them for all my IT outsourcing and digitial marketing activities.

Marcos Paulino, CEO - Avanza Business Solutions Inc

Ontario, Canada


Brijesh is highly skilled in web and mobile technologies with good experience in project planning and project management. I highly recommend him for complex web or mobile solutions.

Sandeep Singh CEO - Appsrow Solutions

Ahmedabad, India


India's leading brands that trust BM Coder for their IT work!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Application modernization: What is it?

The process of updating or changing outdated software applications to take advantage of contemporary technology, boost user experience, increase performance, and satisfy present business demands is known as application modernization. This may include implementing microservices architecture, transferring apps to the cloud, revamping the user interface, and other measures.

2. Why should my business think about modernizing its applications?

Numerous advantages, including higher scalability, increased agility, lower maintenance costs, increased security, and better system integration, can come from modernizing programs. Additionally, it can future-proof your apps, making sure they stay effective and relevant as technology advances.

3. What is the work of an application modernization firm?

The primary focus of an application modernization company is to assist companies in updating their software. They evaluate the condition of your apps as they are now, create a modernization plan that fits your requirements, and implement the required adjustments. Rearchitecting apps, moving to the cloud, rewriting code, and putting DevOps techniques into practice could all be part of this.

4. How can I tell if Application Modernization is necessary for my company?

There are a few indicators that it may be time to update your programs. These consist of low performance, expensive maintenance, security flaws, trouble scaling, difficulties integrating with new systems, and antiquated user interfaces that provide a bad user experience. To find out if modernization is right for your particular situation, an application modernization company can perform an evaluation.

5. Which steps are included in the process of application modernization?

Usually, the process begins with assessment and planning, during which a modernization roadmap is developed and the current applications are examined. The actual modernization step follows, and it could entail rebuilding, reworking, or rearchitecting applications. Testing is then done to make sure the updated apps fulfill user experience, security, and performance standards. To guarantee a seamless changeover and continuous optimization, there is also implementation and continuing support.

6. What is the duration of Application Modernization?

The complexity of the applications, the level of modernization required, and other variables affect how long an application modernization project takes to complete. While some tasks can be finished in a few months, others could take a year or longer. After evaluating your unique needs, an application modernization company can offer a more precise schedule.

7.What are the application modernization costs involved?

The scale of the applications, the degree of modernization needed, the project's scope, and the technologies selected all affect how much application modernization will cost. Assessment fees, development charges, new software license prices, and continuous support costs are a few examples of possible expenses. However, because modernization increases efficiency and lowers maintenance, it frequently saves money over the long run.

8.Does Application Modernization apply solely to big businesses?

No, application modernization is beneficial to companies of all sizes. While modernization is frequently pursued by large, complex enterprise firms to maintain their competitive edge, modernization can also benefit small and medium-sized enterprises by streamlining processes, cutting expenses, and improving customer experiences. Solutions can be customized by an application modernization company to fit any size company.

9. How do I pick an appropriate application modernization company?

A company's application modernization experience, technological know-how, client references, case studies, and project management methodology should all be taken into account when choosing one. Selecting a provider that can provide a modernization strategy in line with your business goals and comprehends them is crucial.

Application Modernization

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