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Date: 21-05-2024

Exploring Finland's Treasures in Software

This compilation takes into account several aspects such as firm size, market impact, innovation, specialty in enterprise and educational software development, and the specific software products they offer, even if compiling a clear "top 10" list is subjective.

1. Supercell

Supercell, a major player in the gaming industry worldwide, is best known for creating the hugely popular smartphone games Clash of Clans (a strategy game featuring base construction and troop deployment) and Clash Royale (a real-time strategy game using collectible cards). Their success serves as a prime example of Finland's dominance in the entertainment software market.

2. Unity

A titan of the game creation business, Unity offers a feature-rich engine that can be used to make games for a variety of genres and platforms (PC, consoles, mobile) (2D, 3D, VR/AR). Their software's user-friendly interface and large asset repository enable developers all around the world to realize their creative ambitions.

3. Reaktor

Reaktor is a top provider of digital product consulting services, and part of its extensive offering is business software development. They are an invaluable partner for companies looking to undergo digital transformation because of their emphasis on user experience (UX) design and agile approaches. They have developed unique enterprise software solutions for customers in a range of sectors, including banking and healthcare.

4. Futurice

Futurice, a digital transformation specialist, assists companies in using technology to improve customer experiences and operational efficiency. Building bespoke enterprise software solutions, such as cloud-based platforms, e-commerce systems, and data analytics dashboards, is another area of expertise.

5. Eficode

Promoting continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) as a means of streamlining software development workflows, Eficode provides a comprehensive platform called Spinnaker. With the help of their products, companies may increase software quality, accelerate release cycles, and automate deployments.