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Using the combined strengths of Norwegian enterprises and the knowledge of Indian PHP developers, these businesses are prime examples of the kind of international cooperation that drives technical progress. Come along on our journey as we explore the quality, creativity, and calculated choice to "Hire PHP Developers India" that distinguish these leading PHP development firms in Norway in the always changing world of digital solutions.

Top 10 PHP Development Companies

List of Top 10 PHP Development Companies in Norway In 2024 :

Company Name Description
LANARS Innovative solutions, expertise in various areas including PHP development.
Concetto Labs Well-regarded app development company with expertise in PHP.
Skelia Highly experienced team, offers comprehensive web and mobile solutions, including PHP development.
Imbera AS Specializes in creating smart digital solutions, expertise in PHP development.
Enonic Innovative platform for digital experience creation, PHP development services.
eyedea Product-focused agency with expertise in PHP development.
N-IT Asker Wide range of IT services, including PHP development.
Skai Digital Digital agency, PHP development alongside other services.
Xfive Norge AS Large IT consulting and service company, expertise in PHP development.
Bouvet Large IT consulting and software development company, dedicated team of experienced PHP developers.


Year of establishment: 2016
Location: Oslo, Norway
Number of employees: 50 - 249
Services provided: Web development, mobile app development, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT (IIoT), custom enterprise solutions, CRM & ERP systems

LANARS is a dynamic actor in the technological sector that focuses on creative solutions. The company specializes in a number of fields, most notably PHP development. Because of its dedication to adaptability, LANARS is a valued partner for companies in a range of industries. Furthermore, LANARS takes great satisfaction in having a solid group of knowledgeable developers on staff.

The focus on creative solutions is a reflection of LANARS' commitment to be at the forefront of technical innovation. Being a pillar of their knowledge, PHP programming demonstrates their dedication to using commonly used technologies to build dynamic and effective web apps.

2. Concetto Labs

Year of establishment: Uncertain
Location: Norway (with additional offices in USA, Canada, UK, and India)
Number of employees: Undisclosed
Services provided: Mobile app development, web development, custom software development, e-commerce solutions

Concetto Labs is a reputable app development business that has a remarkable PHP focus. Concetto Labs' dedication to providing high-quality work and its capacity to serve clients worldwide, including those in Norway, establish the company as a reputable and internationally acclaimed technology partner.

PHP development experience indicates Concetto Labs' ability to use a flexible and popular server-side scripting language. The company's dedication to providing top-notch solutions is in line with PHP's ability to create dynamic and scalable web applications.

3. Skelia

Year of establishment: 2005
Location: Trondheim, Norway (with additional offices in Norway and Denmark)
Number of employees: 70+
Services provided: Web development, mobile app development, cloud solutions, custom software development, UX/UI design

With a highly skilled workforce and an emphasis on PHP development, Skelia is a notable participant in the technology industry. It provides complete online and mobile solutions. Skelia's adaptability and dedication to providing high-quality solutions are highlighted by the company's ability to serve a variety of industries and its reputation for having great design capabilities.

Skelia's staff of highly experienced professionals is a valuable advantage, as they guarantee the company's capacity to handle challenging projects and produce outcomes that satisfy changing client demands. The team's collective experience enhances the effectiveness and accuracy with which web and mobile solutions are implemented.

4. Imbera AS

Year of establishment: 2007
Location: Oslo, Norway
Number of employees: 10 - 49
Services provided: Web development, web design, UX/UI design, digital strategy, content marketing

Imbera is a dynamic actor in the technological landscape thanks to its competence in PHP programming and specialize in producing intelligent digital solutions. The emphasis on teamwork and the provision of a comprehensive strategy for online projects serve to further highlight Imbera's dedication to providing thorough and original solutions.

PHP programming experience indicates Imbera's ability to use a flexible and popular server-side scripting language. Imbera's emphasis on developing intelligent digital solutions is in line with PHP's ability to create dynamic and scalable web applications.

5. Enonic

Year of establishment: 2010
Location: Oslo, Norway
Number of employees: 10 - 49
Services provided: Web development, mobile app development, custom software development, content management system (CMS) development, cloud solutions

Enonic's distinctive offering as a cutting-edge platform supplier for digital experience creation, in conjunction with their PHP programming services, emphasizes their dedication to providing end-to-end solutions. Enonic's ability to accommodate a wide range of sectors and business sizes demonstrates its flexibility and agility in fulfilling the unique demands of its clientele in the digital sphere.

Enonic's emphasis on offering state-of-the-art solutions that improve the entire digital experience is demonstrated by its cutting-edge platform for creating digital experiences. In an increasingly competitive online environment, this dedication is in keeping with the changing expectations of users and businesses.

6. eyedea

Year of establishment: 2016
Location: Oslo, Norway
Number of employees: 10 - 49
Services provided: Web development, custom software development, product development, mobile app development, data-driven solutions

With a focus on product creation and proficiency in PHP programming, Eyedea is a unique addition to the technology industry. Eyedea's ability to combine a product-focused approach with expertise in PHP programming makes it an advantageous partner for startups and companies with a range of technological requirements.

The product-focused approach highlights the development of products that closely fit with client goals and user expectations, signifying Eyedea's commitment to providing solutions that go beyond mere functionality. This strategy is essential in the current digital environment, where successful goods must be innovative and focused on the needs of the consumer.

7. N-IT Asker

Year of establishment: 2002
Location: Asker, Norway
Number of employees: Undisclosed
Services provided: IT consulting, software development, system integration, cloud solutions, security services

The fact that N-IT Asker offers a variety of IT services, such as PHP development, demonstrates the adaptability of the business in meeting a range of technological requirements. N-IT Asker is regarded as a dependable and competent partner in the IT services industry due to their demonstrated track record and capacity to manage projects of all sizes and complexity.

N-IT Asker's acknowledgment of PHP as a useful technology for web development is demonstrated by the inclusion of PHP development in their service offerings. Because of its adaptability and popularity, PHP may be utilized for a variety of projects, and N-IT Asker's expertise in this field indicates that they are dedicated to leveraging popular and efficient technology.

8. Skai Digital

Year of establishment: Undisclosed
Location: Oslo, Norway
Number of employees: Undisclosed
Services provided: Web development, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, conversion optimization, email marketing

Skai Digital's positioning as a digital agency that provides SEO, web design, and PHP development highlights their all-encompassing approach to meeting a range of digital needs. With an emphasis on results-driven solutions and a focus on serving Norwegian businesses, Skai Digital is positioned as a dynamic and client-focused partner in the digital world.

The fact that Skai Digital offers PHP development services shows that they acknowledge PHP's value as a tool for creating dynamic and effective online applications. This is consistent with the business's dedication to offering a variety of digital solutions that include both the development and design facets.

9. Xfive Norge AS

Year of establishment: 2002 (Founded in Sweden)
Location: Oslo, Norway (with headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden)
Number of employees: 400+ (Globally)
Services provided: IT consulting, software development, cloud solutions, application management, digital transformation

Xfive Norge AS is a major provider of IT consulting and services. It specializes in PHP programming and delivers a wealth of experience to the technology industry. Serving a range of sectors, the company's capacity to provide all-inclusive solutions customized to meet particular requirements demonstrates their dedication to adaptability and customer satisfaction.

PHP programming experience demonstrates Xfive Norge AS's ability to use a commonly used server-side scripting language to create dynamic and scalable online applications. Because of its technological prowess, the company is positioned to be a valued partner for companies looking for cost-effective and time-efficient digital solutions.

10. Bouvet

Year of establishment: 1999
Location: Stavanger, Norway (with additional offices in Norway)
Number of employees: 500+
Services provided: Web development, mobile app development, cloud solutions, custom software development, data analytics, IoT

Bouvet is a significant actor in the Norwegian technology scene, operating as a software development and IT consulting firm with a presence in multiple locations. Bouvet's staff of skilled PHP developers, together with their proficiency in developing intricate web applications and corporate solutions, makes them an effective and dependable partner for companies with a wide range of technological requirements.

Bouvet's widespread presence and customized client-focused approach are demonstrated by its locations in multiple Norwegian cities. The company's ability to comprehend the distinct business environments and needs of various locations is made possible by its regional presence, which helps to provide more specialized and efficient solutions.


In 2024, innovative, high-quality PHP development in Norway will be characterized by a strategic collaboration between Indian PHP developers and Norwegian businesses. The path to success for Norwegian organizations aiming for digital excellence is easily cleared by the proficiency of these leading PHP development firms, all of whom have the distinguished title of "software development company India" and represent creativity and teamwork.

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