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Date: 22-05-2024

Clearwater Analytics

Clearwater Analytics, headquartered in Boise, Idaho, is a leading provider of investment portfolio management and reporting software solutions. Clearwater, founded in 2004, has become a trusted name among institutional investors by providing cutting-edge technologies to streamline their investment procedures. Their technology allows clients to consolidate, reconcile, and report on their investment portfolios with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. Clearwater'sbilling software development company provide real-time data insights, allowing clients to make more informed decisions and optimise their investment plans. Clearwater Analytics, with a focus on innovation and client satisfaction, continues to set the bar for financial technology in Idaho and beyond.

TSheets by QuickBooks

TSheets by QuickBooks, headquartered in Eagle, Idaho, is a top provider of time tracking and staff scheduling software. Intuit acquired TSheets in 2018, expanding its reach and capabilities while maintaining its commitment to simplifying workforce management for businesses of all sizes. The company's user-friendly and feature-rich platform enables employers to precisely manage staff hours, automate payroll processes, and optimise scheduling for optimal efficiency. The TSheets mobile app allows employees to clock in and out, request time off, and access their schedules while on the go, promoting workplace openness and accountability. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, TSheets by QuickBooks remains the benchmark for time tracking solutions incrm software development company in india.


Based in Boise, Balihoo is a dynamic marketing automation technology that enables multi-location organisations to execute localised marketing campaigns with ease and precision. Since its beginning, Balihoo has been at the forefront of dispersed marketing innovation, assisting businesses in managing and customising their marketing activities across several locations and platforms. The platform provides powerful campaign planning, execution, and performance tracking capabilities, allowing organisations to drive engagement and conversions at the local level while preserving brand consistency and compliance. Balihoo's user-friendly interface and advanced targeting features make it the top choice for organisations trying to increase their marketing ROI and local presence. Balihoo, with a passionate workforce committed to generating success for its clients, is shaping the future of distributed marketing technology in Idaho and beyond.


Based in Boise, Idaho, Metageek is a top provider of wireless network visualisation and troubleshooting software solutions. Metageek, founded in 2005, has been dedicated to simplifying the difficulties of Wi-Fi management and optimisation for both IT experts and wireless enthusiasts. The company's product package comprises tools for spectrum analysis, packet capture, and network visualisation, allowing customers to quickly and accurately discover and rectify Wi-Fi faults. Whether it's detecting interference issues, optimising network performance, or building wireless deployments, Metageek's software delivers the information and tools required to assure dependable and efficient WiFi connectivity. With an emphasis on innovation and customer-centricity, Metageek continues to be a trusted partner for businesses looking to maximise the potential of their wireless networks.

Black Box VR

Boise-based Black Box VR is transforming the fitness industry with breakthrough virtual reality (VR) training technology. Founded in 2016, the company blends cutting-edge VR technology with personalised training regimens to deliver an immersive and engaging fitness experience. Black Box VR's proprietary software tracks users' motions in real time, allowing them to engage with virtual surroundings and complete demanding exercises based on their fitness objectives. By gamifying the fitness experience, Black Box VR encourages users to push themselves and achieve tangible results while having fun. With the goal of making fitness more accessible and pleasant for everyone, Black Box VR is paving the path for the future of interactive training solutions.


Based in Boise, Idaho, Kount is a global pioneer in fraud detection and prevention software for online retailers and payment providers. Since its founding in 2007, Kount has been at the vanguard of battling fraud in the digital commerce sector, assisting businesses in protecting themselves from a wide range of fraudulent actions, including account takeover, payment fraud, and identity theft. The company's powerful AI-powered platform analyses billions of transactions each year, using machine learning and behavioural analytics to detect and prevent fraudulent conduct in real time. Kount's solutions, which prioritise accuracy, scalability, and ease of integration, enable organisations to decrease risk, chargebacks, and protect their bottom line. Kount, which is trusted by thousands of prominent businesses around the world, continues to set the bar for fraud protection technology in e-commerce.

Cradle Point

Cradlepoint, based in Boise, is a pioneer in software-defined networking (SDN) solutions, particularly for wireless wide-area networks (WANs). Since its inception in 2006, Cradlepoint has been committed to providing safe and dependable connectivity solutions for distributed enterprise environments such as branch offices, retail locations, and IoT deployments. The company's cloud-managed SD-WAN and 5G wireless edge solutions allow businesses to connect, defend, and manage their networks with new ease and agility. Cradlepoint enables businesses to embrace digital transformation, increase efficiency, and open up new growth prospects by merging software-defined networking and cellular connection. Cradlepoint continues to set the standard for enterprise networking by prioritising innovation and client satisfaction.


Boise-based. Kountable is a top provider of supply chain finance software for worldwide trade operations. Since its inception, Kountable has been on a mission to transform how businesses acquire financing and manage their supply chains, particularly in emerging nations. The company's revolutionary platform uses blockchain technology and AI-powered risk assessment algorithms to speed the financing process, lower transaction costs, and reduce risks for all parties involved. Kountable enables businesses to accelerate growth, increase their market reach, and have a positive socioeconomic impact on underrepresented communities by providing transparent and efficient financing options. Kountable, with a commitment to honesty, openness, and sustainability, is changing the face of global trade finance and enabling businesses to prosper in a quickly changing market.


Located in Boise, Idaho, Vynyl is a top bespoke software development firm that provides a wide range of services to clients globally. Since its inception, Vynyl has been committed to providing high-quality software solutions adapted to each client's specific demands and challenges. Vynyl specialises in web development, mobile app development, cloud solutions, and corporate software, assisting businesses across industries in harnessing the power of technology to promote innovation, streamline operations, and achieve their strategic goals. The company's diverse team of designers, engineers, and project managers works closely with clients throughout the development process to ensure transparency, communication, and alignment with project objectives. Whether developing scalable web apps, attractive mobile interfaces, or solid backend systems, Vynyl combines technical expertise with a client-centric approach to offer solutions that exceed expectations and drive commercial success.

Savvy Apps

Savvy Apps, based in Boise, Idaho, is a top mobile app development firm that specialises in iOS, Android, and web applications. Savvy Apps, which specialises in user experience (UX) design, software engineering, and product strategy, works with startups and corporations to bringtheir digital products to life and efficiently reach their target consumers. Since its inception, Savvy Apps has built a reputation for creating creative, award-winning apps that blend cutting-edge technology with elegant design and straightforward functionality. The company's experienced personnel collaborate closely with clients from concept to launch, leading them through the whole app development lifecycle and ensuring a smooth and successful deployment. Whether it's developing consumer-facing mobile apps, enterprise-grade solutions, or digital goods for future platforms, Savvy Apps uses its skills and industry knowledge to provide results that drive business growth and user engagement.

These ten software development organisations demonstrate the diversified knowledge and ingenuity that is thriving in Idaho's technology economy. From financial technology and marketing automation to virtual reality fitness and supply chain financing, these organisations are pushing the boundaries of technology and having a huge global influence.

Author: Ghanshyam

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