Top 5 CRM Mobile Apps In 2022

We all know the power of CRM, we do crm mobile app development for clients. It can increase your business 10X more times and give a boost to your sales and closing. The power of mobile-based CRM is just beyond your imagination. Done properly you get a great lift in your sales cycle.

Do you know that a CRM can be expanded and can also be used as a delivery system? Choosing the right CRM is the key factor and show be considered very carefully.

Top 5 CRM Mobile Apps In 2022 | CRM for Small Buiness

List of top 5 CRM Mobile apps

Zoho CRM - Sales & Marketing

Zoho CRM has 4,656 users with a rating of 4.2 stars. keys features of zoho CRM mobile app are tasks scheduling, events, and making calls from the mobile app. With a powerful search functionality, you can navigate to any section of the app with just one tap.

Other important features are call logs with voice notes and a very powerful API to integrate it with other systems.

Cratio CRM

Cratio CRM has a user base of 70 users with a rating of 3.7 stars and provides very powerful tools to manage the entire sales cycle. The most important feature included is sending SMS from the mobile app. Emails can be triggered directly from the mobile app. You can also record the calls to review them later on.

Pipedrive – Sales CRM

Pipedrive is listed under the business category with more than 2,000 users using the app and is available to android users. The main feature of the mobile app is call identifications. You can easily identify the caller with the help of the lead if the call is of a potential client. You can also check the location of the client using maps functionality. Easily and simple calendar will help to check your daily schedule.


This mobile application is listed in the business category on the google play store. HubSpot mainly focuses on creating customer relations and helps in converting leads to sales. It's a cloud-based platform and the mobile app can be easily synced with the web-based software.

Insightly CRM

Insightly is a both CRM and project management tool. Along with managing customers, you can also manage your projects using this CRM. One of the key features is a business card scanner. You do not need to type the details of the customers manually instead you can scan a business card and the details of the card will get stored in the database and also on the cloud.


All the above five CRM apps are good ones and used by many users. In case if you need custom CRM development that fits your need you can contact me on Whatsapp at +91.9586979730 or mail at

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