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PHP training in Company at Vastral Ahmedabad

We provide PHP training at an advanced level and help candidates to build their technical knowledge and make them job-ready. The training is given by PHP experts who have tremendous knowledge in programming.

During the training, we cover complete web technology to help you gain practical experience in web technologies. emphasis on strong logic building and helping you master the PHP skills.

PHP Training Course coverage

The course duration is between 3 to 6 months. During the first three months, we focus on the technology and during the next three months, we help you build a web app like e-commerce, CRM, school management system, etc. This helps you build your confidence in your skills and be prepared to live projects.

Assignments during the php training in Ahmedabad

During the course, you will be given lots of small assignments to help you get to learn faster and quicker. The assignment is given based on your existing knowledge and it will certainly help you to master the concepts of what you are learning.

Assigment One

Create a form with name, email, and website fields.

The above exercise will help you to get familiar with print_r, post array, the difference between GET and POST methods, and the concatenate function in PHP.

Assigment two

You should be familiar with conditional statements for this assignment.

Create a simple form that will accept two values from the user. Name the first field as number 1 and the second field as number 2

After performing assignment two you will be able to excel in conditional statements.

Assignment Three: GET Method


Print the value of id on a page


Print the sum of two numbers


Print: Name is brijesh, Number one is 3, number two is 7

Print: Hi brijesh, Sum of number one and two is 10

Store all the parameters in array and print array to the browser

Assignment Four: All about strings in php

Create a form with message box. On submit perform the bewlo task on same page.

  • Check if the message box is not empty and then perform next task.
  • Count the total characters
  • Remove space from the beginning of the string.
  • Remove space from the end of the string.
  • Remove space from the beginning and end of the string.
  • Convert to upper case
  • Convert to lower case
  • Capatalize first letter of a sentence. First letter after full stop should be capital
  • Check if string has name "bm coder"
  • Assignment Five: Array in php

    An array is an important topic and needs to be mastered to become a good developer. You should know basics of array to perform this assignment.

    Create a form with fileds. Email, ip. Get input of ip address in a form.

  • If the given ip address exist in array display that the ip already exist you cannot send email.
  • if the domain of given email exist dispaly message, this domain is blocked.
  • Assignment Six: More Array in php

    Create a form with filed name. Names, Colors, movies

  • Get the value of names seperate by comma and dislay the array.
  • Get the value of names seperate by comma and dislay the array. Remove the first element
  • Get the value of names seperate by comma and dislay the array. Remove the last element
  • Get the value of colors seperate by comma and dislay the array.
  • Get values of all the fields and display in two dimensional array.
  • Assignment Six: Loops in php

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