Cost Of Wholesale Grocery App Development

The marketplaces in India and abroad are changing in the post-pandemic era where people expected speedy deliveries home. This puts wholesale grocery apps owners and developers in an advantageous position. Because there is a surge of grocery products at the drop of a click or two.

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That equally means there is an elevating scope of improvement for these business and market owners.

If you are one of those grocery app or mobile store owners, this blog will help you. After reading this, you will surely get some idea of the overall cost involved in the wholesale online shopping app development.

Why Is The Online Or On-Demand Service Model Rising In India First Of All?

There are industries or sectors dependent on the on-demand service model that cater to different consumer needs. This trend is increasing in India because most youngsters and adults are on their smartphones during their day.

The screen time of every Indian user is amplified, especially after the COVID-19 initial years.

This way, they seek almost everything they want for their home and daily needs online. It also includes finding a grocery app that delivers everything they want for their meals as soon as possible.

So, the wholesale grocery app provides daily buyers multiple benefits like:

Wholesale Online Shopping App Main Features For Users To Provide Them Immersive Experience:

The overall costing of the wholesale app development gets clarified when you make a list of the must-have features.

These can be:

User and profile registration:

User profile helps buyers keep ordering products depending upon their order history. Also, they can save delivery addresses once they open a profile. So, they won’t have to put in their address every time they purchase.

Customer review portal:

This portal is necessary and found in multiple growing and upcoming on-demand service portal apps. The review sections help wholesale grocery app owners in improving their app experience. They get a reality check from these reviews from their regular and new customers. It’s necessary to know whether the app is adding to the buyer’s life or not.

Search option:

This option allows buyers to search for their products and small distributors listed in the wholesale app.

It makes buyers' search journey for a product (s) easier and smoother. Plus, it helps other grocery sellers increase their businesses and presence if they are listed in your wholesale app.

Live delivery tracking system:

This is a feature without which developing a wholesale online shopping app is pointless. Because buyers are keen to know updates on their orders. This is more in the case of new apps where the trust factor is still getting earned.

Other features which are important and can be tweaked as per requirement:

Admin Panel Features to Consider:


Admins or store owners need live dashboards. These dashboards are curated from live reports and data entered in the system further calculated by orders put in.

Grocery store owners use these dashboards to manage their future orders well. Because when they how many customers are ordering their purchases every week or month, they further maintain their local supply chain relationships.

Streamlining the orders:

The wholesale online shopping app helps owners get more visibility based on their reviews and products. So, whenever the buyer searches for a product, if it's available in the menu with good ratings, it can be highlighted first.

This way, automation and streamlining of orders are easy and manageable.

Assign managers:

Admins of the apps can assign communication managers if they need to intervene in the shopping app.

These managers’ intervention helps mellow down any negative review or comment against any order or purchase. In addition, they can help sort buyer queries on the spot, on behalf of the owner or the higher management.


Developing a mobile App Development Ahmedabad wholesale grocery app a lot of costs because you have to develop features for admins, grocery store owners, and customers.

You can talk to our experts about developing such apps for you for a detailed consultation.

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