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CodeIgniter Development Services

CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP web development framework. The prime specialty of this framework is its modular view controller pattern. And its speed, reliability, and ability to cope up with dynamic websites give it an extra perk over another conventional PHP framework.

What is special about CodeIgniter?

There are many PHP frameworks out there. Are you wondering why you should choose CodeIgniter? BM Coder is here to help you in this regard. Here are some of the reason that makes CodeIgniter different:
Lighting Fast:

CodeIgniter framework is relatively faster than most other frameworks. So, if you are concerned about the speed of your website with uncompromised quality. CodeIgniter is the best option for you.


CodeIgniter Framework is lighter and smaller in size. Which gives it a greater advantage in working with limited storage, besides the smaller size greatly reduces the installation and update time.

Advantage of MVC Architecture:

CodeIgniter uses the Model-View-Controller or in short MVC Architecture. This specific privilege will give you an extra facility to design and integrate Web applications. So, if you are into web application then CodeIgniter is the perfect option for you.

Easy to learn:

In spite of having a great advantage in many areas, CodeIgniter is not complex to learn. And anyone can learn its maintenance in comparison to other PHP frameworks. Which means after the delivery of the project by BM Coder if you want to maintain the CodeIgniter project by yourself, you can do it effectively because it’s easy to learn. So, if the above criteria attract you, then you might be looking for building a site using CodeIgniter. BM Coder is the right choice for you. Our qualified and experienced team is hand-picked to perform the task for you. You carry on your business and leave the work of CodeIgniter with us and we will guarantee you with working excellence right from installation to delivery of your CodeIgniter project.

Our projects in CodeIgniter is diversified into:
CodeIgniter Website Development

BM Coders experienced and expert team on CodeIgniter can give you, your desired website which will be fast, flawless and bugless. We ensure the quality of CodeIgniter websites within a short amount of time and reasonable price.

Portal Development

Our dedicated professionals can effectively design your desired online portal using CodeIgniter Framework.

CodeIgniter Migration Services

If you are not happy with other PHP platforms and decided to transfer your website into CodeIgniter platform. BM Coders team is here for you. We provide dedicated service to migrate your site from one platform to another.

Specified Custom Services.

If you are already using CodeIgniter platform and recently fell into complexity, our specialized team is here to help to relieve you from your complexity. Just let us know about your problem and we would be quick enough to solve it.

Extension Development.

With the dominance of the Internet and online-based services, extensions in web browsers are becoming more popular than ever before. If you are looking for developing an extension for your service, leave the work for BM coder and we can take care of it.

E-commerce Development.

Want to sell your products directly from your website? BM Coder can build you an e-commerce platform by using CodeIgniter. You can effectively manage your sales through the e-commerce website.

CodeIgniter Web Application Development

One of the Specialties of CodeIgniter is MVC architecture, which effectively lets you design the web application. If you want to take advantage of this feature, BM coder is here to assist you in creating a web application by using CodeIgniter.

Custom Conversion to CodeIgniter format

Are you obsessed with particular website design, or format that you are not capable of converting to CodeIgniter website? Give us the design and describe your specification. BM Coder will use its resources to complete the work for you.

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