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Outperform with an Outstanding Facebook Business Page

Facebook commenced its journey in the hands of some Harvard Geeks. From the beginning, it had a goal to build a community and bring the whole world closer. In a word, it tried to redefine the concept of Social Networking. And today more than 1.59 billion people log in to Facebook on a daily basis.

The emergence of such a social networking website with a colossal target population caught sight of local and global business. And they started to take the aid of Facebook business pages. In 2007 Facebook had more than 100,000 Facebook pages and today the number had jumped to 60 million.

So, if you are the owner of any business, today it’s almost an obligation to create a Facebook business page. Without it, you will be missing to interact with a massive target population.

On the other hand, the presence of a high number of business pages on Facebook makes it difficult for you to stand out. This article focuses on some basic key points to gain an upper hand in business by creating a Facebook Business page.

Among social media marketing services, facebook is given high priority as compared to any other social media.

You, need to set up a Facebook page properly to gain a position for your business. Below are some tips that you can use to set up your Facebook page:

Define your Identity:

The primary objective to build a Facebook Business page is to let your target population know about your existence. So, in order to open a Facebook Business page, go to Facebook and click on create a page.

After that, fill up your Business information. The necessary information required for the opening of the page is

  • Page Name: State the name of your business clearly in this section. People will know you by this name and it will be your brand identity.

  • Category of your business: Select an appropriate category for your business. The segmentation into the right category will help your audience to know what your business is about?

  • Address: State exact location(s) of your business operation. This is the most important section to gain peoples trust.

  • Contact Information: Communication is necessary for conducting your business. So, fill up this field properly so that it brings fruitful customer at your doorsteps.

  • Description: Add an effective, crisp and solid company description that portrays your mission and vision to the visitors.

  • Hours: Mention your working hours to let the visitors know about your business timing.

  • Price Range: Provide a price range for your visitors, it will help them budgeting while conducting business from your page.

It is an absolute necessity to fill up these categories with proper information about your business. The audience of your Business will first observe this information. So, an error in this work will reduce your traffic and sustainability of the page.

Validate your identity with a fine profile picture and Cover photo.

A profile picture and cover photo are an indispensable part of creating your brand identity. It is better to use the business logo as the profile photo and a small video or still picture with the mission and vision of the Business.

Occasionally, the offers and promos of the business should be updated to the cover page. Because the visitor of your page gives their first look there.

Another thing that is to be taken care of is the size of the images that are being used. The size of the profile picture should be 170*170 pixel and cover photo should be 820*312 pixel.

This pixel size is not mandatory to maintain but it will provide the best possible view of the picture.

Select the best possible template:

Facebook has some predesigned template as per the categories of business, these templates can be handy. So, while setting up a Facebook business just select the best possible template that defines your business. The template includes

  • Business

  • Public Figure

  • Services

  • Shopping

  • Video Page

  • Standard

  • Nonprofit

  • Hotels and Restaurants

Rearrange your tabs:

The predesigned Facebook business template comes with the tabs that are used in general. It may happen some tabs are unnecessary for your business and again you need some extra tabs.

There is provision to edit the tabs and you can avail this provision to arrange and rearrange the tabs as per your page needs.

Add an appropriate CTA (Call to action) Button.

In the Facebook business page, you can add a button that redirects to your website or online store. This button in the technical term is known as Call to action or CTA Button. This can be a very important source of driving fruitful traffic right from your Facebook page to your website or online store.

The position of this button is just below the Facebook cover page, which provides it the maximum exposure.

Facebook Call to Action

Create Facebook Messenger Bots

Welcome to the age of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Facebook is not an exception to this phenomenon. Chatbots are the future of marketing. In this regard, Facebook also has a chatbot that can be integrated into your Business page. It is an automated messaging service that uses AI to run a conversation with your customers.

Facebook messenger bots are an excellent way to aid your business. You can create these chatbots and add them to your page. It will help you in maintaining one to one contact with your page visitors 24/7.

Create Magnificent Contents:

After the creation of your Facebook page, you need to be active through community engagement with your audience. The best way to do that is to create a relevant post from your page and draw the attention of the audience. For this purpose, add small graphics, small blogs from your website and small videos.

Describe your products:

If you are owning a business that sells products then add product description with the appropriate image of the products. It will let the customers gain an insight into the items that your business deals with.

Create page roles:

A business with a big dream needs continuous engagement, hard work, and dedication. It is quite impossible for a person to maintain all these works single-handed. Facebook pages have a solution for it. There is provision to add people with different roles to your page. Following are the roles that you can assign your employees with.

  • Page/Business owner: The starter of the Page/ Business.

  • Admin: The person with exclusive control over the page.

  • Editor: The person in charge of the contents.

  • Advertiser: Deals with advertising the page or specific contents of the page.

  • Analyst: The person who overlooks the insights and helps in making a decision.

Keep an eye on Analytics and work accordingly:

Facebook analytics covers a lot of things such as the number of followers, likes, page views, action on pages, posts, Branded Contents, etc. Analyze these metrics and find out the best solution and timing for posting contents on your page.

A Facebook page nowadays is a complex thing to work with. It has various dimensions and every possibility to make your business a successful one by taking it to the limelight. Amongst many, this article focuses only on the crucial points and most important tips for maintaining a Facebook business page.