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Increase your sales by 30%

In Online Marketing AIDA model is widely used and is the most popular model.


Business gets leads from various online and offline mediums. They communicate the lead and try to close the deal as soon as possible. But as per research leads that close is just 3%.

Clients or customers need some time to think and make a decision. So till the time the decision is not made, marketers job is to give knowledge and relevant information over a period of time to help the customer take the decision. This is a long process and takes months. Tracking the communication and consistency in followup is the key to convert such lead into buying the customer. And this is 30% of the total leads received.

A simple CRM to manage the communication and followup could work wonders and help in increasing your customer base.

MyClientCRM is a CRM that we use to track leads, punch in all communications and tracking the message. This is simple to use and have helped us in our marketing efforts.

You can even go for a custom CRM development to get functionality as per your business need and reap the benefits in the long run.