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Highly secure website development using laravel

Embrace Laravel Framework and Enhance your Websites Security

Laravel is one of the most used frameworks throughout history. Now, a question may arise what is Laravel framework? Why is it used for? And what makes it more secure? We are here to provide an answer to these questions.

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a freeware and open-source PHP based framework. It is one of the best frameworks available out there. Taylor Ortwell was the creator of Laravel. And as per the company’s philosophy, the framework is with expressive and elegant syntax, which makes it accessible and attractive to website developers.

Why is Laravel Framework used for?

Laravel is the most sought PHP framework out there for building a web-based application. Laravel follows the Modular View Controller structure. This property of Laravel makes it easy to get acquainted with and build a complex web-based application without any compromise of speed, accuracy, and security.

Reputed companies like startup.co and Toyota hall of fame use Laravel.

What Makes Laravel Framework more secure?

The answer to this question lies in the creation of the framework itself. Taylor Ortwell created this framework as an alternative to the CodeIgniter Framework. Because CodeIgniter lacked built-in support for authentication and authorization. So, enhancing security was the maiden goal for the creation of the Laravel Framework and its steep increase of popularity among developers.

Most of the concerned website owners are now using Laravel Framework and here are our top reasons for why you should use it too:

Protecting Laravel Applications from SQL Injection

An SQL injection is a code injection method by which malicious codes are entered into your website. Such code takes partial or full control of your database server in the guiseof a web application. The SQL injection is one of the most used methods by hackers to compromise your website.

The websites built using the traditional markup languages and frameworks don’t give strong protection against SQL injection. Which makes your website vulnerable to the hackers?

But, Laravel’s Eloquent ORM uses PDO binding that protects your website from the SQL injections. This is an exclusive feature available in Laravel. Making it a prime reason for you to switch to Laravel.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection on Laravel

CSRF is an acronym for Cross-Site Request Forgery, it is also known by the name of XSRF or Sea-Surf. It is a website exploit technique where the hacker induces trusted users of a website to perform an action that he/she never intends to perform.

CSFR is very bad for the website owner as well as the user because it raises trust issues and trust is vital in running a business.

Laravel can be an effective antidote against CSRF attacks. Because this framework uses CSRF tokens to make sure that external third parties are unable to create a forged request and make a CSRF attack.

This security tweak is very helpful to retain high-security standards for your website. And yet another reason on why the Laravel framework makes your website more secure than the traditional frameworks.

Cross-Site Scripting Protection on Laravel

Cross-Site Scripting attacks are injected codes like the SQL injection. They are client sided vulnerability. Here the attacker sneaks the malicious scripts in webpages and when a victim visits the pages the malicious script gets attached with the web browser via an
application. It creates a gateway for the attacker to harm the victim.

Through Laravel Validation and sanitization you can save your website from Cross-Site scripting attacks, which is not available in mainstream websites.

Laravel Authentication System

The laravel Authentication system is a big perk on strengthening the security of your websites. Laravel authentication is a built-in feature of the framework and it has never been so easy for the developers and convenient for the users before Laravel.

Laravel framework uses “Guards” and “Providers” for their authentication process. According to Laravel’s official website. Guards define how users are authenticated for each request. And Providers define how users are retrieved from your persistent storage.

So, convenience and security all in one place makes Laravel a necessity for making your website secured.

Laravel Security Packages:

Laravel comes with several distinct packages to enhance the security of its applications. Some of the packages are:

  • graham-campbell security
  • laravel-security
  • authority-controller
  • Binput
  • Sysguard
  • lock-laravel
  • HTMLPurifier for Laravel 5
  • visualcaptcha-laravel by emotion labs
  • Laravel-ACL

Laravel embraces the power of open source and the abundance of security packages is the blessing of open source project. These abundances of packages is not available in the traditional frameworks. So, remain UpToDate and funnel the power of open source to
your website using Laravel Framework. To get started visit Laravel official website.

HTTP Basic Authentication/ force https

HTTPS is a necessity nowadays and everyone wants to see the green padlock before the website URL. Laravel has the provision to force https through all routes of your sites. Embrace https with Laravel and encrypt the connection of your website to save it from
hacker’s attacks.


You can outsource laravel development to BM Coder.  There is two dimensions of security that are needed to be considered while maintaining a website. Firstly, the application security from the admin end. And the server security from the service providers end.

Now, most of the time we leave the security of server to the service provider or hosting services. But application security remains in the hand of the owner and designer of the website.

Today billions of people use the world wide web. Consider laravel outsourcing for the security vulnerabilities have also evolved with the passage of time. Which in regards indicates that it is not a rational decision to build and maintain web application of your website using outdated frameworks
and software.

Laravel is comparatively a new PHP framework with tons of good security packages and built-in provisions. And it is logical to embrace the Laravel framework these days while constructing your website. We tried to explain this necessity through the article.