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7 Simple Tips on Creating posts on Facebook

It’s very simple to create posts for social media, but very difficult to create posts that get attention and engagement of users. To help create better posts and avoid missing key parameters we have a checklist of 6 points that we check while creating posts for our clients and even for our self.

1. Great looking image
2. Post title
3. Three hashtags
4. Call to action
5. Time of post
6. Share it
7. Maintain consistency in posting


1. Great image:

This is the first thing that grabs visitors eye while scrolling through a list of posts. So you should consider below elements to make sure your post does not get missed from users.

Use bright color background

Bright background for facebook posts

Bright background for facebook posts

Use the 70-30 rule. There should be a minimum of 30% background visible. The bright background will help to get visitors attention to the post.

Use relevant images here means what story do you want your user to tell. What should he feel looking to your post?

2 Post title:

The post title should tell visitors about the benefits he will be getting using your product, services, advice or becoming your friend.

Many do the mistake of repeating things in the title that is already given in the post image.

Never repeat things, you have limited space available, so try to make maximum usage of it.

3 #HashTag:

E.g #digitalmarketing #facebookmarketing #graphicsdesign

Many business posts are missing hashtags, the post should have a maximum of 3 hashtags. Have more than three makes hashtags non-readable to visitors and boring too.

4 Call to Action:

Visitors do not think much so they needed guidance. You should be directing users what to do next like sharing the content, commenting their opinion, Liking the post, sharing the post in a group or even visiting your website or contacting you via the contact form.

5 Time a post:

The posting time should be when most of your target audience is online.

6 Sharing the post:

Share it on your timeline and groups to increase the reach of your post.

7 Maintain consistency in posting:

Mark a day and time in your calendar so that you don’t forget posting the content once in a week. After a few posting, your users will wait to see the post.

The above tips have helped us and our clients to get the result and will surely help you.

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