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24 SEO Tips Even kids can do, to Rank higher in search result

You don’t need to be an SEO Expert for higher ranking in search. Yes, you heard it right. Ranking high in google or any search result page is simple.

If you read this till the end, you will have all the knowledge of SEO that will help you get started and get results in a few months.

Let’s start

1 Spelling and Grammer Mistake

Visitors and search engines love good content that is free from grammar and spelling mistakes.

It’s very common to have grammar and spelling mistakes on the website. This can be simply fixed by proofreading the content or use Grammarly, a simple tool to check grammar and spelling mistakes.

2 Focus keyword for SEO

Every page should have only one focus keyword, this can be phrase E.g. “SEO Agency in Ahmedabad” or “Link building for SEO”. The phrase can be of one, two, three or even more words. This is considered your focus keyword.

3 SEO friendly URL of your webpage

Every website has multiple pages, make sure to use keywords in your URL. E.g. Let’s say my focus keyword is “Conflict Resolution Services”.   Then  URL should be www.example.com/services/conflict_rsoultion”

4 Title of your pages

The title tag should be under 60 characters and should consist of your focus keyword along with LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) and long-tail keywords. There is a limitation of 60 characters.

5 Meta Description

Sentence with focus keywords should be used. Write a sentence that can entice users to click and visit your website.

6 The headline of your page – h1 tag

Every page should have a headline, wrap this in h1. Only one h1 tag should be present on the page. this can be called the main title of your page. Your headline should tell about the page and the user should be tempted to read further.

7 First paragraph

The first paragraph should have a focus keyword.

8 Subheading – h2, h3 tags

Make sure your heading use h2 and subheading use h3 tags. The help in ranking higher for long-tail keyword searches.

9 Alt tag in images

Make sure all of your images and icons have a proper alt tag. You can use the LSI keyword here.

10 Use the title tag in hyperlinks

Use the proper title in your hyperlinks. The title tag is visible when visitors take their mouse cursor over to hyperlink.

11 Check the length of your paragraph

Your paragraph should not be too long and not two should. 3 to 4 lines paragraph should be good. Even visitors like to read short paragraphs.

12 The menu plays a major role.

The menu makes your site navigation easy. The good menu helps crawl the entire website. Well, a structured menu is good for visitors too as they can easily find information by navigating to the page they want to visit.

13 Link to your logo

Don’t forget to include your Brand Name in the title tag of a link on your logo. Your logo is on every page. This is very helpful to rank first on the first page of the search when users are searching from your Brand.

14 Address tag

Use the address tag wherever you mention your office address. This will help to rank higher when someone is the search for your services in your city and country.

15 Duplicate Content on your website

Too much duplicate content will penalize your website in ranking. You can easily find duplicate content on your website by using site liner services.

16 Footer links

Your quick links in the footer to help create internal backlinks for your keywords.

Now some technical stuff

Take care of the above 16 tips and your website will start ranking in the top 10 pages of google results. Given below are more points that will help you with ranking on the first 6 pages of google search and provide valuable insights about visitor activity on your website.

For the below point you might need a technical person. If you need help you can hire a developer to help you. They are not highly technical stuff so you can hire a low-cost technical developer to help you.

17 Check your site speed

Your website should load fast, the user only waits till 3 seconds. If your website speed is slow, you should fix it as soon as possible.

You can use Google Page Speed Insights to check the loading speed of your website. It should be above 70, the higher the better

18 Check your website on a mobile device

Mobile-friendly (responsive) website rank is higher as compared to not mobile-friendly websites. So make your website is mobile-friendly. In 2019 70% and above uses mobile to search.

19 Google Analytics

Analytics will provide you valuable information about visitors, keywords they search and coming to your website. It gives you insights into what your customers actually search and land on your website.

20 Google Webmaster Validation

There’s a lot of improvement in the google webmaster tool. It’s called google console. Add your website and verify your ownership. Adding a website helps in getting indexed faster.

21 Using HTTPS protocol

Getting a security certificate is nowadays very cheap. Secure website rank hiring in search engines as compared to a non-secure website.

Now I will share a few simple tips to get backlinks very easily.

22 Twitter Profile

Use your website on your twitter profile. This is considered as a backlink from a good domain.

23 Facebook Business page

A Facebook business page allows you to list your website. Facebook business pages are crawled by search engines frequently. And again is a good backlink for your website.

24 Youtube

You can upload a video on youtube. In the description of your video use your website URL. This will help visitors to visit your website.

Tips end here

Use 24 tips to get your website rank higher in search results. The next step in SEO is getting quality backlinks. This is also called link building.

I recommend to hire SEO Executive for link building activity, they are easily available and also cost less. Link building activity should be done daily for 2 hours until your website starts getting ranked on the first page of search engines.

If you need any help or explanation feel free to contact me using the contact us page. I will glad to help and guide you with your journey to rank your website higher in search engines.