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10 reasons why you should put a thought on your website redesign?

American Author Wayne W. Dyer once said: “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” Dynamism is the rule of the world and change is its essence. The online world and websites in it are not an exception to this phenomenon.

There are almost 3.9 Billion Internet user and 342.4 million registered domains out there on the Internet. The rate of user and websites are rising swiftly. It’s not just the numbers. In fact, technologies are also transforming rapidly.

The technologies that were considered as standard yesterday, is becoming antiquated today. So, to remain in the race you need to update your website with the changing trend.

Here are our top reason(s) that Why you should redesign your website:

  1. Take care of your visitors and improve the user experience

One of the main objectives of the website is to retain its visitors and audiences. Why will the visitors come to your website? They will come on a redundant basis if your website has something that helps them and they can get that help easily.

Or, in other words, you need to design and redesign the User Interface with the changing trends and advanced technology and tools. Keeping the account of your target population in mind, making the website easy and accessible is a necessity.

  1. Making sure the Website is perfectly responsive

A decade ago, desktops and laptops were the only sources for connecting to the internet and visit various websites. But things are a lot different today. Today there are multiple types of devices that are used to surf online. These devices include smartphones, tablets, smart tv, halo lens, and smart glass, etc.

  • According to Hostingtribunal Mobile internet has grown 504% in daily media consumption since 2011.

The resolution and display proportions of these devices are non-identical to each other. As a result, if you have a website that is just optimized for desktop view. You need to take account of users with other devices and immediately redesign your existing website to make it responsive and optimized for all the devices individually.

  1. When your Branding is antiquated

Branding is what gives you identity in the online world. If in case it happens such that the branding is outdated. The website needs to be redesigned. Outdated branding will reduce website traffic sustainability of the website.

So, keeping the fact of rebranding is a necessity to redesign the website with

  • New Logo.

  • Corporate Video.

  • Contents and Description.

  1. To cope up with the new design trends

A large number of website users is followed by a large number of developers and designers. They are continuously engaged in research to create something new and more accessible. As a result, the trends in the design of the website are changing rapidly.

It is necessary to keep on pace with this changing trend of new design and redesign your website. Or else it will look outdated and unattractive to the visitors.

  1. For Search Engine Optimization to gain a better rank.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the talk of the town today. There are several search engines out there like Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo, etc. These search engines serve as a catalog of websites to the visitors.

And each search engine has a specific algorithm that focuses on several predetermined aspects and ranks the websites accordingly. Now, most of the time people visit the top rank SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

  • According to Search Engine Journal, 60% of all the clicks go to the top 3 SERPs.

So, you would definitely want to put your website in the best rank.

In order to do that you would need to update your website with proper keywords and meta description and design that is suitable for the search engines to index properly. So, you may need to redesign your website to make it search engine friendly.

  1. To replace the outdated Technologies

Long gone are the days of flash and boring still websites that looked like the pages of a textbook. This is the era of HTML 5, Python, Laravel and Bootstrap. So, if you are still having flash videos or elements that requires adobe flash player.

Please, remove it and update with the contemporary technologies. These are both more secure as well as aesthetic and accessible.

  1. For enhancing Websites Security

You definitely don’t want your website to fall a victim to some brute force attack. And you also won’t want your website being marked as unsafe by security software.

Besides after July, 2018 google chrome warns site that is without https or deemed as insecure.

So, before it is too late, give the best security to your website. Install SSL certificates and increase your trust to the viewers as well as get a better position in the search engines.

  1. If it takes too long to load

How do you feel when a website takes too long to load? Not good right? Same is the case with your website visitors. They don’t feel good either. So, try to switch to SSD hosting and decrease the loading time of your website.

It is better if the page loading time can be kept within 3 seconds. A user won’t feel irritated in that case and will retain to your site.

  1. When the purpose of business or mission is changed

It may happen that when you started your website venture it had a very different goal than what it has today. You learned a lot about what is wrong and what is right. So now you want your achieved experience to be reflected on your website.

Redesigning your website is the best solution in this regard.

  1. For effective integration with other websites and social media:

This is the age of Social Media, Sharing and Live. So, you need to have a provision in your website where your users can easily integrate your site with other famous platforms. For this reason, have good social media plugins and facilities for your users to let them do what they are craving for.

If you don’t have those provisions it is high time that you redesign the site and give your users the power to integrate with other sites. It will in one hand increase the satisfaction of your users, on the other hand, it will also increase the exposure of your site.

Follow our top reasons for redesigning your website and stop your business from being stagnant and archaic.