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1 Simple trick to increase website load speed

Nobody likes slow loading websites even bots. There are various factors that affect the speed of your website and the major one is Large image size.

Large Image size:
You can’t think of a website without images. Images tell a story and visitors like stories. So using relevant images are good to have on a website.

Generally, website owner uploads large size images to make images look good on all the devices and this makes the website slow.

The first step is to test the page load speed at Google Page Speed Insights and find out the main images that are causing the issues.

Once you have identified the images compress the image size and pixel to optimum level using image compress tools. If you are unable to find a good tool you can use online image compression and optimization website that is totally free for a few images.

Just with one simple trick, you can improve the page load speed of your website and this search bots love fast loading websites.